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Routine Maintenance

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Top 5 Maintenance Issues

How to know if your car needs maintenance:
  1. Dashboard warning indicator i.e. check engine light
  2. Oil or green fluid under the car - check where you've parked
  3. Noisy, scratching or squealing brakes, when stopping
  4. Noise and/or vibration when idling i.e. engine running at a stop light
  5. Unusual sounds when turning or on rough roads
prevent car trouble

Do you prefer to waste money? Do you like danger? If yes, then don't have your car checked by a professional mechanic for routine maintenance.
If on the other hand you wish to save time, money, and not risk being stranded on the road, then call us or just come in for a routine maintenance check.

Things to check with regularity:
  • Tire rotation and air pressure
  • Correct fluid levels, especially oil
  • Timing, drive belts
  • Hoses (fuel, coolant, etc.)
  • Air Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Belts (timing, water and steering pumps, etc.)
  • Electrical test - especially tail lights.


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